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New Proton Preve 2012

Proton has launched the new model on April 2012. The new proton model , Proton Preve now will be available to all Proton’s fans and supporters.

Hopefully the new model represents a new era for Proton and higher level standard for Proton cars, in many aspects especially the performance and the safety of using the proton cars. I heard that the new proton will be more powerful than before. Come with 1600L engine and 107hp-138 hp.

Whatever it is I hope this new Proton Preve will affordable and reasonable price for all Malaysians! The starting price for this new Proton Preve range from RM60k ++ to RM73k++

Proton Preve will be the Proton’s first car with a turbocharged engine.( 1.6 Premium CFE )They come with 3 variants which are :

  • Proton Preve Proton Preve Executive
  • Proton Preve Executive CVT
  • Proton Preve Premium CFE