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Check PMR Result 2011 Via SMS

For those 2011 PMR candidates, now you can check your PMR 2011 results on 22-23 December 2011 via SMS, or you can check it at your own school.  I am waiting for my little brother that already sit for the examination this year. I hope he will get a good result.  For those who want to check your result via SMS, here’s the way how you can check your result via SMS.

Type  PMR  <Space> No Angka Giliran 

Send To


Good Luck Guys!

Please check your result on the Result Date :)

Malaysia vs Sydney FC 2011 (Friendly Match)

Malaysia U-23 Olympic Team will against Sydney FC on  December 13, 2011. The Malaysian Team will have training session  in Australia starting from 10-22 December 2011. The team will against 3 elite Local Football Clubs in Australia League as preparation for the Olympic 2012 Qualification as well as the preparation for the next session  2012 for the Singapore League (S-League). The first friendly match is against Sydney FC  on December 13, 2011.

WordPress Tutorial : How To Get Free Akismet API Key

Hello guys. Today I’m going to share how to get a free Akismet API key for your wordpress blog. As we already know the truth about Akismet plugin, it is one of the most important plugins that you need to know to protect against spam comments. That’s all for the intro.

WordPress is the most favourite blogging platform if compared to blogspot because it comes with variation of plugins that make your blogging life more easy. I feel better using wordpress rather than blogger eventhough I am the one of the loyal fans of blogspot one time ago. Ok let we start the learning process now.

Oh man…what a Day!!

Oh man..what a day! What happened to my blog? Long time no update my blog till my blog become sick! The adsense ads cannot display. If display it only for a certain post. What a day. A whole day I work for it but I can’t solve the problem. I try my best until now I feel fed up for waiting this stupid thing to be solved. What happened to you my dear MDHAFiZ.NET? Since I last update and feed you up, it seems like you are become more stubborn than before. Before this I also need to face the same stupid problem and now you repeate it again! Oh what a day. What else you want from me my dear MDHAFiZ.NET? Come on MDHAFiZ! don’t give up with this!! Anyone can expalain this? Do you guys can see the adsense ads here?