Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf 2011

Good news for all past year STPM candidates those who have applied for admission to universities, you can check the result now after 12 noon today. As usual, there are two methods how you can check your result by online or sms. Here’s how to check for IPTA Admission for STPM leavers for the academic session 2011/2012.


Laman Web Rasmi UPU


Type UPU < Space > RESULT < Space > IC No

Send to 15888


Congratulations for thos who selected to further their studies :)

8 Responses to Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf 2011

  1. Mr Rileks says:

    your IC can’t display? hahaha…


    Kamarul Azri™ Reply:

    you are trying to access that?
    how it’s? :)


  2. bEe says:

    Congratulation to all students that can further their study :-)


  3. Junaidiey says:

    Welcome to IPTA for those who get the offer. :)


  4. akuorgkmpng says:

    thanks for info.. hihi


  5. fitri says:

    tak pernah merasa benda ni sebab lepas spm terus masuk diploma..ehehe


  6. oh i wish i can go back to the university. I had many happy memories there. :sad:


  7. ohcikgu says:

    jom..semak ramai-ramai. hehe..


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