Live Streaming Malaysia vs Liverpool 2011 (16 July 2011)

Watch online Malaysia vs Liverpool FC Here on MDHAFiZ.NET

Please refresh the page before you watch. Get ready 10-15 minutes before the kick off.

Thank You :)

Show your support to our Malaysia National Football Team!

Another  live streaming links will be update 30 minutes before the events starts

Another Links :

Link 1

Link 2

10 Responses to Live Streaming Malaysia vs Liverpool 2011 (16 July 2011)

  1. ohcikgu says:

    haa, bolehlah tengok kat sini nanti..


  2. Eirfan says:

    rmai ar org brtenggek tgok bola kt website ko nih..


    MDHAFiZ.NET Reply:

    I hope so…but im afraid if too much this blog exceed the bandwidth limit.
    What ever it if… show your support to our National Team :)
    Go Malaysian Tiger!!


  3. says:

    sure ke boleh tgk sll tak dpt jer bro….:)


    MDHAFiZ.NET Reply:

    Sure bro.. wait till the web is on the air.
    Just like what i said before. The links will update 30 minutes before the match starts. Just wait and see. I hope this will work or i will try search another links. TQ


  4. Iqbal says:

    Waiting for the game start. YNWA…Malaysia Boleh :)


  5. nizamghazi says:

    wow. live streaming.??
    ok i wait n see the result :)


  6. Mr Rileks says:

    harimau malaya sedang mengaum!


  7. Eirfan says:

    not bad la mlysia dpt score 3 gol…^^


  8. Ayieblog says:

    Semoga pasukan negara terus maju, dan lebih berani. Pakat2 sokong.


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