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Singapore vs Malaysia 2011 (1st Leg Worldcup 2014 Qualification) Zone Asia

1st Leg World Cup 2014 Qualifier

Zone Asia

Round 2

Singapore vs Malaysia

Date : July 23rd 2011

Venue : Jalan Besar Stadium, Singapore

First Half :

Singapore 4 – 1 Malaysia

Safee Sali 1′ (MAS)

Qiu Li 8′ 22′ (SIN)

Mustafiq Fahruddin 43′ (SIN)

Shi Jia Yi 45′ (SIN)

Second Half :

Adbul Hadi Yahya 67′ (MAS)

Safee Sali 69′ (MAS)

Alexander Durich 80′ (SIN)

Fulltime result :

Singapore 5- 3 Malaysia

Najib To Meet Pope (Malaysia Muslim PM Najib Razak to meet Pope)

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is visiting Italy and is scheduled to meet the  head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Benedict.
Malaysian and Vatican officials have been in talks for years intended to establish  diplomatic relations between the two countries.
The timing of Mr Najib’s visit is said to be intended to reassure Christians in his  Muslim-majority nation.

Ethnic and religious tensions have risen ahead of expected national polls.
The visit to the Pope’s summer home near Rome is significant for Malaysia’s  Christian community, which makes up about 9% of the population.
A string of religious disputes in recent years has raised fears among the country’s religious minorities that their rights are being eroded, says the BBC’s Kuala Lumpur correspondent Jennifer Pak.

In 2009 the authorities tried to enforce a ban on the use of the word “Allah” by Christians when referring to God in the Malay language.
But the efforts heightened tensions, leading to arson attacks on churches and tit-for-tat defacing of mosques, through such means as leaving pigs’ heads at doorways to Islamic prayer halls.

Ramon Navaratnam, who works for a Malaysian inter-faith council, said forming ties with the Vatican would give the concerns of Christians a better hearing.
‘We now will be saying things the way we have, what is right, what is wrong, what we like, what we don’t like about religious freedoms or the lack of it, and we know we will have somebody in the Vatican who would be able to at least talk to them, the government, privately and say look, we can’t accept this. Please moderate your views,” he said.

Malaysia vs Liverpool 2011 Result ( Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 )

Liverpool Asia Tour 2011 Malaysia

Malaysia vs Liverpool

Date : July 16 2011

Venue : Bukit Jalil National Stadium

Fulltime Result : 3-6

LIV – Charlie. Adam (27′) PEN

MAS – Safiq rahim (41′)

LIV – D” N Gog (69′, 70′)

LIV – M. Rodriguez (75′)

MAS – Safee Sali 80′,82′)

LIV – M. Rodriguez (90′)

LIV – D. Kuyt (minit ke 91)

Live Streaming Malaysia vs Liverpool 2011 (16 July 2011)

Watch online Malaysia vs Liverpool FC Here on MDHAFiZ.NET

Please refresh the page before you watch. Get ready 10-15 minutes before the kick off.

Thank You :)

Show your support to our Malaysia National Football Team!

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Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf 2011

Good news for all past year STPM candidates those who have applied for admission to universities, you can check the result now after 12 noon today. As usual, there are two methods how you can check your result by online or sms. Here’s how to check for IPTA Admission for STPM leavers for the academic session 2011/2012.


Laman Web Rasmi UPU


Type UPU < Space > RESULT < Space > IC No

Send to 15888


Congratulations for thos who selected to further their studies :)

Malaysia vs Arsenal 2011 (Arsenal Asia Tour 2011)

Malaysia Football National Team will play against Liverpool on July 13th 2011 in conjunction with their Arsenal Asia Tour 2011. This will going to be Arsenal one of the pre session match. For your information, the tickets to the match between Malaysia against Arsenal has been on sale starting from Monday, 27 May 2011. Click here for more info The ticket prices are as below :)

Date : 13th July 2011, (8.45 pm )

Venue : Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur

Fulltime Result : 0-4

A.Ramsey (ARS) 5′

Theo Walcott (ARS) 36′

C. Vela (ARS) 59′

V. Rosicky (ARS) 90′

Semakan PLKN 2012 (Program Latihan Khidmat Negara)

The admission candidates for the National Service Programme Malaysia or Program Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) 2012 is available today. Now you can check whether you are going to be selected to join the PLKN 2012 or not.  Here’s two methods how you can check for the admission of PLKN 2012.


(Ic no required)

2. SMS

Type : PLKN <Space> SEMAK <Space> IC No

Send to : 15888

Good luck and congratulations  for those who have been selected to join National Service Malaysia :)


Colombia vs Bolivia 2011 (Copa America 2011)

Group A

Colombia vs Bolivia

Date :10/07/2011

Time :19.00 GMT

Copa America 2011 Argentina

Fulltime Results :


Falcao 14′ & 28′ (PEN)

Argentina vs Colombia 2011 (Copa America 2011)

Argentina once again disspointed by Colombia when the team draw against Colombia without any goals in their second match.

The team might be under pressure after the team only can draw 1-1 against Bolivia. And now Argentina only have 2 points after 2 games.

Argentina vs Colombia Copa America 2011

Venue: Santa Fe

Date : July 6, 2011

The full time results : 0-0

Man of the Match : Sergio Romero (Argentina Goalkeeper)

Sabah vs Kelantan 2011 (Liga Super 2011)

Final Malaysia Super League 2011 between Sabah FC and Kelantan FC on July 6 2011.

Fulltime result :

Sabah 1 – 2 Kelantan

Kelantan crowned as the champion :)

Congratulation Sabah